How Outsystems collaborate with this leasing company to transform the user experience of their application


Mitsui Leasing Capital Indonesia is a professional and trusted financing company in Indonesia. Mitsui Leasing has customers from both companies and individuals. The main business fields are Corporate Financing, Vehicle Financing, and other financing purposes.

In the era of digital transformation and digitalization, mobile application is one of the most important assets for business. To give the best experience and convenience to their customers, also to increase customers satisfaction, Mitsui Leasing choose to create a mobile application that can be accessed anywhere and anytime based on their existing website.

The mobile application available for both Android and iOS platform. By bringing innovation to build the mobile application, Mitsui Leasing create a new experience for their customers to do credit simulation, submit credit applications, view credit information, book schedule, insurance claim, view promotion and many other features. This application adopts Multi Language feature, available for both Bahasa and English.


Transformation to mobile application

By duplicating all the features available in Mitsui existing website along with the purpose to increase their customers satisfaction and experience, there are some challenges: designing a user friendly UI that attractive and still focusing on their corporate identity, analyse their existing website to figure out the business flow and validation, the existing core system that need to be integrated to the mobile application, and also data integration between existing website and the mobile application.


Smooth delivery process and support from both side

Mitsui Leasing and their Outsystems Partner PT. Ifabula Digital Kreasi agreed on developing the mobile application with Agile Methodology and Sprint based. The development team also do research in advance before the sprint starts to prevent delay on development timeline. With Outsystems, the application can be built for both Android and iOS platform with single source code. So, the mobile application for both Android and iOS can be delivered on-time in 3 months.


Mobile application that integrated with the existing website and can give more user-friendly experience to the customers

With this mobile application, Mitsui customers can access the features available with their mobile phone anywhere and anytime. Giving new experience for the customers to enjoy their financing needs. Integrated to their existing website, customers can have full experience for both website and mobile application with guaranteed that all the data has been sync real-time.


Possibility of the enhancement or new features for the mobile application. Also, Mitsui still have upcoming applications for both internal and external needs that they believe developing with Outsystems will be the best choice.

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